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DEGREE PROGRAM: Master’s Program in Rural Development Management 

DEGREE OFFERED: Master of Rural Development Management (M.R.D.M.) 

The Master’s program in Rural Development Management intends to produce post-graduates who are qualified as follows:

       3.1 Being able to understand principles and theories of rural development as a multi-disciplinary science, and able to apply the principles and theories of rural development management by inculcating knowledge and experience from former careers.
       3.2 Skilled in management, development plan establishment, development project settlement, as well as conducting and analyzing research on the physical circumstances, society, economy, culture, technology and environment of an individual locality.
       3.3 Have good attitudes towards rural development management and have a sense of initiative about self-development, and defined social skills in the areas of human interaction and leadership.

Khon Kaen University, Graduate School 

One (1) academic year (15 months) (starting in August each year) 

Applicants must satisfy the following criteria:
       1. Posses a Bachelor’s Degree or equivalent in any related field
       2. Proficient in English
       3. At least three (3) years of professional experience in rural development
       4. Preferably not over 45 years of age