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Enrollment Process

EN Admission | 2022-01-19 10:58:31 | Read 15,214

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How to enroll as a new student?


 The applicants who are accepted to study in the first semester of the academic year 2024, 

are to report the student enrollment and register for the study courses online by the steps as followed.



***Important: - Each accepted applicant must check the announcement below and process only in the specific round. The schedule is to follow Thailand's local time GMT+7.





Announcement of Acceptance to Study



Report Enrollment and Tuition Fee Payment



Report new student & Tuition fee payment


Round 2

Round 3

Round 4

Round 5

Round 6

Round 7

27 – 29

March 2024

1 - 3

May 2024

10 - 12

June 2024

8 - 10

July 2024

24 -26

July 2024

14 - 16

August 2024

18 - 20

September 2024


Prepare the documents to be submitted including:

1)  A photo (formal attire), it will be used for your student card (jpg file)

2) * A copy of your passport

3) * A copy of your transcript and degree certificate

4) * A copy of health insurance following KKU Announcement No. 1470/2014 required for accepted applicants who are staying in Thailand currently. Those overseas are waived to submit once entering Thailand.
       For more information on health insurance, please see -

*All copies are to be signed on for certifying of a true copy

  • Go to the registration website: and switch to the English version.
  • Go to menu “Registration new students”



  • Select your program of study from the menu


  • Find your name and click on to see your student ID
  • Log in to the system using your student ID as the username and your passport number as the password
  • See the enrollment report manual for more information



Pay for the Tuition Fee

  • Print out the invoice and make the payment. 

1)  Oversea accepted applicants: make a payment via transaction only, to the following bank account:



2)  Accepted applicants who have a Thai bank account: pay at or transfer to the specific Thai banks provided in the invoice, or scan the QR Code on the tuition fee invoice to make the payment.


3)  For the scholarship awardees from KKU, please send the invoice to the faculty staff or scholarship institute.


Course Registration



Course Registration


Round 2

Other rounds

10 - 14

June 2024

17 - 26

June 2024

Contact faculty staff



  • The faculty staff will inform you directly in your email about the courses you have to enroll in this semester. In case you have not received any information, please contact your faculty staff as the information provided on this list.


Once you are notified of the courses, visit  and switch to the English version for the course registration.


New Student Orientation To be informed


Contact of the Office of Registrar