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About Us

EN Contact Us | 2021-09-09 10:56:16 | Read 972

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Graduate School was establish in 1978 with the view to expand the capacity of the University by producing higher qualified graduates, academician and researchers. All graduate programs offered at KKU are coordinated through the School’s Central Office. Interdisciplinary programs and joint co-operation programs with other institutions, both within and outside the country, are also organized by the Graduate School.

Graduate School is the central unit being in charge of coordinating and supporting educational administration and management in graduate level. It is also loaded with burden in designing programs and laying pavements for educational quality assurance in the view to develop academic and research advancement in graduate level both nationally and internationally. What is more is the Graduate School is enroute to manufacture instructors, lecturers, qualified academic specialists and administrators, and professional personnel based on the demand of the country. It emphasizes its scope particularly on applied researches in order to make a vast step bounding to excellence in the world class level, and to lay the foundation of being the hub of graduate education in the region. This can be generated from efficient administration and management.

Our graduate students receive a rigorous education within a sympathetic and supportive ethos. With a large connection between Graduate School and others Faculties, they make an invaluable contribution to the cultural and academic life to the University, society, and country.



Graduate School is a network organization for graduate education management to encourage and maintain graduate educational quality and standard,supports, coordinates, administrates and monitor graduate educational management for high efficiency and in order to step into an international academic excellence, as well as to promote excellent research projects.



  •      To stimulate graduate policy and planning development
  •      To advance graduate academic quality
  •      To administrate and monitor the multi-disciplinary programs
  •      To preserve and assure graduate studies standard